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CEO/Principal Accountant


Senior Accountant


Nicolt is a qualified accountant professional with good experience in financial reporting, supporting accounting activities and she has performed projects for the CEO related to cost control, risk management, impact analyses and issue resolution.

Nicolts qualifications in auditing specialises in the Internal control which focuses in providing strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes. Nicolt is the most senior to the Director/Principal Accountant with responsibilities of decision making.



Vicky has graduated from the University of Sydney and studied accounting, business economics and finance and has completed the Bachelor of Art and Master of Commerce. Vicky holds a position as an Accountant applying her knowledge and skills to successfully deliver in the accounting industry. Vicky is a highly motivated and enthusiastic accounting professional with proven experience in business. Vicky is bilingual, fluent in English and Chinese. Vicky is a Xero Advisor Certified and Quickbooks Online Certified.




Fernanda is a public accountant with particular interest in taxes, financial reports, and audit services with 7 years’ experience. Fernanda is fluent in two languages Spanish and English, and now learning French. Fernanda is QuickBooks Online Certified.

Fernanda is extremely passionate and committed in providing excellent service by helping people to be more organised with their taxes, finances, and accounting needs.

Fernanda has extensive experience working with large companies and organisations in different industries such as technology, logistics, agriculture, among others.


Senior Accountant

Alba is a qualified professional with extensive experience in the Accounting and Administrative area having worked across a broad range of Admin disciplines including A/P,  A/R, Payroll, Recruitment, Learning and Organisational Development. Alba can provide quality advice and service across a range of areas including development of  Admin/Accounting Programs and Policies e implementation of new software in the Organisations. Alba’s qualifications include a Degree in Accounting from overseas and a Diploma in Accounting that was done in Australia. Also, she is a Xero Advisor Certified. Alba is QuickBooks Online Certified, and she is an SAP Finance Consultant Certified (Germany).

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